Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recommended Service providers

Over the years I have worked with many different service providers and have had good experiences and bad experiences. I can, and have assisted my clients with various other types of services beyond tax and accounting, but there are other fields of expertise that enable me to perform my services.

The desired result is that you - my - client gets the best service. This takes outside qualified experts in their respective fields.

Of course I like to work with people who work well with me and who I already have an established relationship with. Relying on other professionals is the smarter and most efficient way to operate.

If you need professional services that correlates to my services such as: Payroll, Financial planning, Bookkeeping, Legal, QuickBooks etc. Here are a quick bit of information and services that each of these of these people provide. If you do contact them please mention my name thank you

Here are the experts that I recommend:

Trucking Industry
Mike Ritzema 
The trucking industry is complex and requires and expert
Mike specializes in this area and I highly recommend him, and is highly regarded in this area of expertise.  All of the truckers who I have referred to him have told me later on that they have been very pleased with him.
Also IFTA tax returns for trucking firms and various other taxes etc..  that require attention

Estate Planning and General Business Law
Brian Plachta
Possibly the most friendly, personable attorney out there.
Brian does his homework, is affordable and has a wealth of experience.
My clients love him because of his down to earth style
Again, I have never had a client walk away unhappy with him

Non-Profit Accounting and Tax
Non-profit accounting and tax also requires a CPA who specializes in this area.
Tax returns, setup and bookkeeping for Non-Profits is Lin's area of expertise.
Lin and I have worked together for over 15 years.  I highly recommend her

Lin Beenen CPA
Linda C Beenen CPA PLLC

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