Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big problems on the horizon for Michigan undocumented workers, filing tax returns and obtaining Citizenshiip

The requirements for filing tax returns can be complicated, but basically, if you earn money in the United States, you are required to file a tax return.

And on the same token, in order to become a US Citizen, you must be current in filing tax returns

So if you are a in the US unlawfully, and working, you are required to file a tax return and pay income taxes.

The worker files a tax return and applies for an ITIN number.

The IRS issues ITIN numbers regardless of your status as becoming a US Citizen.

For Michigan workers, this has been relatively simple.

Until recently.

In order to apply for a ITIN number, you need to some form of valid identification.

Michigan used to issue Identification Cards without proof of US Citizenship.

Michigan now does not issue Identification cards without proof of lawful presence here in the US
MCL 28.291

Those identification cards that Michigan used to issue are set to expire, and undocumented workers will be unable to renew them.

Michigan undocumented workers who may wish to take advantage of some of the new immigration reforms will not be able to get an Identification card from Michigan, thus they will not be able to get an ITIN number, and not be able to file a tax return.

Stay tuned, there may be a need for some kind of amnesty type of program.

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